6 Fast Facts about Olivia Cooke Who Stays Away from the Twitterverse

Facts about Olivia Cooke have piqued fans’ interest. The English actress has come a long way in her career, beginning as an ensemble member and gradually moving up to major television roles. She also avoids Twitter.

Olivia Cooke has been a familiar face in the entertainment industry, appearing in various television shows and films. She is HBO’s latest addition to the new fantasy drama series, “House of the Dragon” (HOTD).

Olivia Cooke, 2020. | Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower. | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/houseofthedragonhbo

The recently-released series, which chronicles the story of the House Targaryen, is a prequel to the critically-acclaimed series “Game of Thrones.” As Cooke takes on a new role on here are some interesting tidbits about the young actress.

Her Parents Are Not Actors
Like many other young Hollywood stars, many of Cooke’s fans speculated that she might have inherited her acting talent from her family. Cooke, on the other hand, addressed the rumors surrounding her family in a 2014 issue of Interview magazine:

The young performer, born in Manchester, England, explained that neither of her parents became interested in acting. She said her mother, Lindsey worked as a sales representative, and her father, John, was a former police officer.

She Started Acting at 8
Cooke did work her way up to become a performer, and both of her parents supported her. She took ballet lessons and did gymnastics. She also started performing with an amateur theater group when she was eight.

The young actress also reflected on her time as a member of her hometown’s theater group. She was a member of the ensemble in the production every year, but she never had the opportunity to take on a lead role.

Cooke admitted how disappointed she was at that time for not having a lead role. She was optimistic back then and even reminded herself she would land the coveted stage role every year, but she failed every time.

She then thought that she may have enjoyed the ensemble too much and realized she did not take many risks or make a name for herself on stage. She added that she would feel embarrassed about stage acting.

The stunning actress was candid about her aversion to making large exaggerated facial or arm gestures on stage. Following her realization, Cooke stated that she felt that acting on television was a good fit for her.

Her First Big TV Role Was When She Was 18
Cooke eventually landed her first major role at 18 in the Emmy-nominated 2013 American thriller series “Bates Motel,” opposite actor Freddie Highmore.

She played the character Emma Decody in the series, and her time auditioning and filming the show was unforgettable. She never expected to land such a role because it was her first time doing an American accent.

Cooke left home to film the series in Vancouver, Canada. She then spent four years traveling with her mom between the U.S. and her hometown. Cooke admitted filming the series as a teen was challenging. She said:

“It was a lot to deal with as a child. Even though I had amazing experiences, it was incredibly lonely.”

She was the only girl on set. Cooke said she had to deflect comments and be funny constantly. She described her experience as exhausting because all she wanted was a normal conversation at the time.

Olivia Cooke as Emma Decody in the 2013 series “Bates Motel.” | Source: Getty Images

Cooke went on to star in several TV shows after “Bates Motel,” including the 2018 drama miniseries “Vanity Fair,” in which she played Becky Sharpe. She also shone brightly in a wide range of films.

She portrayed Rachel in the 2016 film “Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl.” In 2018, she played Laine Morris in the horror film “Ouija” and Samantha Evelyn Cook in the science fiction film “Ready Player One.”

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