7-yr-old dancer has Simon saying I absolutely loved it

I literally cried from satisfaction through this entire thing she’s a doll..

Here is something we dont necessarily see on Britains Got Talent Judge Alesha Dixon went to a specific dance school where she searched for a young lady named Skylar Blu..

Highest level, studio one says the exquisite young lady in gathering. The camera follows Dixon as she advances up, then looks into a room loaded with hopeful young dancers..

As she opens the entryway and makes proper acquaintance, aggregate screeches emit from the young ladies, with the exception of one whose jaw nearly hit the dance floor.

Numerous watchers have contended that it was undeniably staged, yet for amusement and showing the world how gifted little Skylar is, that truly doesn’t make any difference.

See how amazing Skylar is in the video below!

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