A 7-year-old little girl presented her flexible dance. The judges liked her dance

Dancing is a favorite pastime for many, a way of entertainment, a hobby, and also a way to earn money. It is correct to practice dancing from the age of 6, of course, each dance style has its own characteristics. It is not allowed to engage in exercises that develop flexibility until the age of 6. For 3-6 year olds, there are specially developed dance games and children’s dances that develop hearing, and sense of rhythm.

The dances are general development and there are specially developed elements in them, taken from different dance directions. And, of course, the class time for children of that age is limited to 40-50 minutes. To dance well, one must have good hearing, feel the rhythm.
Many claim that a child should be taught to dance and bend the body from an early age, but a number of rules should be taken into account. Most children learn to dance over time, but there are children who are born with the ability to dance, which is revealed in early childhood. We call such children talent.

7-year-old Skyler Blue was one of those talented kids who surprised the jury members with his unique dance and became a famous dance star. She was really a beautiful doll. Her dance was also beautiful and attractive like her. She performed each movement so skillfully, and presented the dance in such a unique way that the jury at first thought that it was a staged dance performance. He won many hearts many times and everyone knows him now. Let’s also mention that many children were also fascinated by his dance. This baby dance can also be exciting for your little ones and motivate them to do the same moves.


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