A Couple With Two Sons Wanted a Baby Girl but Got Something Much Better

Couple buys 120 year old mansion by mistake, then decide to restore it.

Sometimes we just need to deal with the mistakes we’ve made. More often than not even the worst missteps in life can provide opportunities and lessons. That’s certainly what happened to young kale hunter and claire segerin while working through college the couple thought they could do anything they set their mind to.

Little did they know what life had in store for them. Just before graduating hunter and segren started looking for a place to live together. Within a few weeks they thought they’d found the perfect bargain house and purchased it at an auction.

Unfortunately what they thought was a simple fixer-upper turned out to be a 120-year-old mansion in the scottish countryside. Claire segrin who’s from canada and cal hunter who’s from britain first met when they both worked a ski season together in the french alps, according to the couple it was love at first sight.

When the winter season finally came to an end the couple decided to stay together. Afterward they traveled across europe and canada before finally settling in scotland for school. Not too long ago as segren finished up medical school the two decided to take their relationship to the next level, so the young couple decided to purchase their first home together.

Not only did segrent and hunter want to buy a home together but they also wanted to prepare for their future. So the couple decided to purchase a fixer upper house live in it while they restored it and then flip it for a profit.

It seemed like the perfect plan. After weeks of looking segrent and hunter found a property just outside the city of glasgow the house had been subject to a fire meaning. They could save a fortune so hunter headed to auction and placed a bid of 30 000 pounds about 37 000 american dollars on the home.

Unfortunately what he didn’t know was that he accidentally bid on another house and won. As it turns out hunter had purchased a 120 year old property. For the continuation watch the video.

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