A little boy knows more than his age. His IQ is very high

Not everyone can pass the well-known IQ test. It is a measure of mental abilities, brain work and speed. It is a coefficient created on the basis of the exercise,

which will determine the level of intelligence. There are children who have a good memory, know the parts of the world, countries with their capitals, lakes, rivers, oceans and seas, etc. Of course, knowing so much at any age which is not typical for this kind of knowledge, means that this child shows a high IQ and his brain works faster than necessary.
A 2-year-old boy from Los Angeles is one of thousands of children who has accepted to Mensa .He is one of the youngest member of it. inductees in history. Mensa is the largest and oldest high-IQ society
Kashe Quest with an IQ of 146 became famous all over the world. He shows an extraordinary memory and can read at such a young age. His memory is truly extraordinary and wonderful. He focuses very quickly and recognizes images and objects. At that age, he knows the alphabet, counts, reads and is endowed with other amazing talents.

He can show the United States of America on a map. He knows all 50 states by location and shape and has already started learning a map of Spain. He can distinguish between the 50 signs of sign language, count to 100 and the signs of Mendeleev’s periodic table. This talent of his distinguishes him from his peers, because the children of his age love to play, and this little one knows more than the children of his age. His talent is being talked about on the Fox 11 Los Angeles YouTube channel, which has been viewed 1.5 million times. The video is posted below, you can go through the link and see for yourself the talent of the little boy.


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