A little girl throws a tantrum in the middle of her dance, and look how her friend reacts..

Even 2-year-olds in pink clothes. Only five of them executed the routine. The last toddler refused.

Melissa’s daughter is indifferent. At this point, she’d punch a dragon. Her buddy attempted to assist her when she was heard weeping over the music.

She refused. No one knows what upset her, but we know how toddlers react. They can’t handle emotions yet, so they act out.

Public toddler outbursts are frustrating. Both parents and others need empathy and tolerance.

«A temper tantrum is a maelstrom of wrath, loss, disappointment, and frustration. In 2-year-olds, emotional outbursts may lead to sobbing, thrashing, screaming fits, stomping, striking parents, falling down, kicking, biting, throwing items, beating the head, or breath holding.

Melissa’s kid isn’t different. Perhaps she was hungry or exhausted before going onstage. Nobody enjoys uncomfortable situations.

The cute dancer tries to comfort the sobbing dancer, but then turns away and shrugs. She was powerless. Toddlers can’t manipulate or reason. Thus, their uncontrollable meltdowns.

The surviving five dance while the sixth member is still unhappy. Potts cried in front of an amused crowd.

Oh no, I hope she received wonderful gifts. She’s a lovely princess no matter what. Meltdowns are normal. Milk!

Watch this dancer’s cute breakdown.

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