A poor and homeless man found an expensive ring. The man decided to return it to the owner and he succeeded

Very often we hear words directed at humanity, but not all of us and not always behave humanely. Perhaps the highest and noblest calling of a person of all times is to remain human. When we say to remain human, we must understand to help the other person, to sympathize, to be compassionate, to be forgiving, to be accurate and fair. It is naturally not easy to take on all these qualities together.

There are cases in life when we are really surprised by a person’s attitude, by the manifestation of his values. Material things do not always have value, sometimes material value is created due to human value. Here is a case where a man named Harris lived on the street. He sat on the roads and asked for money every day.

Every time a rich woman named Sarah passed that street on her way to work. One cold winter day, the woman hurried past and gave the man 7 coins. He did not notice how her ring had fallen behind her. When she reached home she noticed the loss of the ring , and remembered the man sitting on the street.

Harris noticed the ring and realized that it belonged to the lady who had given him the money. Someone else would have sold the diamond and bought bread instead of him, but he did not do so. The next day, the woman hurried to look for the ring. Harris, seeing the lady, approached the lady and showed her the ring. The lady didn’t know what to say out of excitement as she waited for the man to deny that he had  seen  the ring. Harris’s honesty surprised and moved her feelings.

Returning home, the wife told her husband about all this. The husband offered to help the man and posted his photo on the Internet and wrote about his act. This was done in order to create an account and collect money.  Soon, 150 thousand dollars were collected in the account. The couple gave this money to Harris. Out of excitement, Harris couldn’t believe that luck smiled on him and now he had money and a job. He bought an apartment and got a new job. Life always repays kindness, as it did in the case of Harris. Be a good person people, do good and it will come back to you one day.

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