Abandoned Boy Gets Out of Wheelchair For 1st Time to Dance with His Nurse, Bio Mom Suddenly Shows Up

Simon surprised nurse Nelly when he got out of the wheelchair and invited her to dance at his 16th birthday party. However, both of them were soon met with another surprise, when Simon’s biological mother showed up at the party uninvited.

To some, it seemed cruel to have a soccer ground next to the group home for disabled children. But 15-year-old Simon enjoyed the view from his wheelchair. He’d peek outside the window every afternoon, watching the school kids playing soccer.

He wondered if he’d ever be able to play the game he loved watching from a distance. By now, he knew all the rules and had his own strategies to score and win the game for his imaginary team.

Simon hated it every time the game finished and the children left. It brought him back to reality, where he often wallowed in the sorrow of his unfortunate past.

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“Why me?” Simon wondered. “What did I do to deserve this? And that too since birth. And, of course, no one would want to adopt a wheelchair-borne teenager. Am I going to be stuck in this group home forever?”

All the dark thoughts made Simon sad and angry at the same time. He pinched his legs, cursing at them. He angrily kicked the wall under the window and slid back.

“How did you do that?”

Simon heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned back to find nurse Nelly with a surprised look on her face. He’d seen her around the group home working with a few kids but never had the opportunity to talk to her.

“Hi, nurse Nelly,” Simon responded in haste. “I’m sorry, I know I have to attend the group activity, and I’m on my way there.”

“Wait a minute, young man,” Nelly stopped him. “You’re Simon, right?”

Simon nodded.

“I read your medical file and wanted to start working with you soon. Tell me, since when have you been kicking walls like that?” Nelly asked.

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“I can do it sometimes, especially when I’m angry,” Simon explained with his head lowered.

“Looks like we’ve got work to do. Let’s channel that anger to heal you, shall we?” Nelly said with a smile. She believed that with proper physiotherapy and training, Simon could walk again.

Nelly started working with Simon every day since their first interaction. Simon followed every instruction carefully and with utmost dedication. Every week, they achieved an important milestone in his recovery.

The therapy sessions were more potent because Nelly always pushed Simon to do better and motivated him at every step. It inspired Simon to work harder on his recovery. He’d even work on walking in his room before bed.

Never lose hope.
Simon had another reason to work this hard. His 16th birthday was approaching fast. And he wanted to surprise Nelly by walking without any support.

Simon’s friends and the staff arranged a small party for his birthday. Simon made a special handwritten invitation for Nelly. He was thrilled to see Nelly at the party.

Nelly approached Simon to wish him. She was shocked when she saw Simon get out of his wheelchair. Nelly watched him and couldn’t hold her tears back. Everyone cheered Simon as he stood up, approached Nelly, and invited her to dance.

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Nelly was proud of Simon and decided to finally him something that had occupied her mind lately.

“Simon, sweetheart. How would you like to live with me…as family?”

She had already set the official adoption process in motion with the help of her friends at the group home. It was her gift to Simon.

Simon was thrilled when he realized that he’d finally have a family. He hugged Nelly and burst into tears.

As he wiped his tears, he saw a woman enter the party hall. Simon did not recognize her, but the woman was walking towards him.

“Hi, Simon,” the woman said with a feeble voice. “Wish you a very happy birthday, my child!”

“Excuse me, how did you get in here?” one of the staff workers interrupted the woman. “Who allowed you inside the hall? You can’t just enter–”

Nelly gestured at the worker to stop interrogating the woman after noticing tears in the woman’s eyes.

The woman explained herself. “My name is Rose. Sixteen years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful boy. But I did not have the means to feed myself, let alone raise a child and treat his disability. So, I decided to give him up for adoption.”

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Simon was stunned. It was the first time he met his biological mother he didn’t know existed.

Everyone at the party was silent and shocked to hear Rose’s story. Rose pulled out an envelope from her purse and handed it to Simon.

“Simon, I never stopped thinking about you. I’m sorry I abandoned you. I tried to get my act together all these years and make a living. But life always found a way to pull me down. Still, I didn’t give up. I changed my life and kept a stable job for the last two years.”

“This envelope has a check with all my savings. I know it won’t bring back the years you lost. But I hope it will help you in some way going forward. That’s all I had to say, son. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Rose wiped her tears, turned, and started walking towards the door.

“Wait, mom!” Simon’s words ran a chill down Rose’s spine. She turned around but was confused when Simon handed her the envelope back.

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The boy smiled through tears, without any sign of bitterness. “I understand how difficult it must’ve been for you back in the day. To be honest, I never hated you for abandoning me. I just hated the circumstances that left me alone and disabled.”

“But thanks to my new mom, Nelly…” Simon put his hand around Nelly’s shoulders, “…I can walk now. And if I can walk, I can work and take care of both my moms.”

Rose broke down crying. She could not believe that her biological son not only forgave her but also accepted her as his mother.

“This is the best birthday ever! I get two mothers in one day,” Simon exclaimed as everyone at the party cheered.

Simon joined the local school as the youngest soccer coach in the next few weeks. His team won many inter-school competitions. Soon, he also played for local football clubs and made his dream come true. Both his mothers, Rose and Nelly, were proud of the new milestones Simon had achieved.

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What can we learn from this story?

Never lose hope. You never know when things will start falling into place, and your dreams will get fulfilled. Simon never lost hope after Nelly believed that therapy could heal his legs. He gave his all, which helped him get out of the wheelchair.
Sometimes, life gives you second chances. Accept your blessings and make the most out of them. Rose did not expect Simon to forgive her. Still, Simon understood her struggle and offered her a second chance at having a family.
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