After a long search, the girl did not find the wedding dress she wanted and decided to sew it with her own hands. It really worked out great for him like look.

A wedding is a big holiday in the life of a woman, and preparing for it is the most awaited event. Every girl dreams of looking stunning on that day.

The bride thinks not only about herself, but also thinks about how to design the apartment, the ceremony hall, the yard, the church, what kind of invitation card to order, who to invite, how to make-up, hairdo and finally what dress to wear. The dress provides the look of the bride. It should be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. The most difficult choice is the choice of a wedding dress. How to make the right choice, what to take into account, to choose a luxurious or modest dress, expensive or cheap and many similar questions arise when choosing a dress..

Many people prefer a luxurious dress without considering the comfort. How to wear that heavy dress, how to move. Some choose a comfortable dress for easy walking. Our heroine Dana Zayat was going to get married. Everything was arranged in every detail. Only Dana was very hesitant about the wedding dress. She searched for the dress of her dreams in many wedding shops for days but could not find it. She had lost hope and didn’t know what to wear because it wasn’t just a party or someone else’s wedding, the center of attention was herself and her dress.

After not leaving the shop anymore, he was deep in thought when a thought suddenly occurred to him. Why look for a dress that doesn’t have one, if it doesn’t really exist? You can try to sew it yourself if you only have the necessary accessories. He did so.

He rushed to the cloth shop and bought the most beautiful cloth, the most fashionable laces, and stones with the luster of diamonds. Returning home, he quickly began to sew and shape the cloth. After a month of work, the dress was ready and I was waiting for the wearer. Every time he added a detail, he waited with great anticipation to wear it and see the look on his clothes. Here came the expected day. All the guests were present and stood waiting for the bride. When he entered, everyone was surprised.

The dress shone with splendor. Is it possible to sew such a beautiful dress by hand in one month? In fact, it is possible, and it is sewn by the bride’s hand. When the desire is great, a person can do anything, as in this case. The bride proudly entered to a standing ovation. Her dress was filmed by many people and posted online. And there were even people who wondered if our heroine would sew another dress for their wedding..

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