After hearing the girl’s song, the jury assured her that a great future awaits her.

Getting on stage for the first time is not so easy, especially at a young age. The excitement may not allow you to present yourself as you should or as you have prepared. However, it is necessary to gather, control the excitement and gain self-confidence because it is also a great guarantee of winning. Self-confident people can become winners and become successful even without mastering anything or having no answers. The stage is the place where you should be confident.

Emanne Beasha is 10 years old who participated in the “American Got Talent” show. Julianne Hough, one of the jury members, tried to distract the girl and dispel some of the excitement. She began to ask about Emanne’s family, and she replied that her father owned an ice cream factory and began to talk about her favorite ice cream. about the taste of them. He mentioned that she came there to sing for them.

When the music “Nossan Dorma” started playing, the girl gathered herself. When the “Nossan Dorma” music started playing, the girl gathered herself. The jury, even Simon, liked very much when the little girl opened her mouth and recited the opera. Her parents were watching the girl’s performance proudly and with wide eyes. Where did this powerful voice come from? Was it given to him from above?
When he finished the song, the jury stood up and applauded him enthusiastically. Simon was the first to say “yes” to her. All members of the jury voted for the girl without hesitation. His voice was inexhaustible and very attractive. She sang it with all her soul and from the bottom of her heart. The jury was sure that big stages are waiting for her.


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