As a child, the boy used to send gifts to a poor girl. Years later they met again and became husband and wife

Christmas, well known to all of us, is the most awaited and joyful holiday. Everyone is waiting impatiently, with great hope and expectation that Christmas will bring happiness, prosperity and success.

For children, this is an even more anticipated holiday. They are eagerly waiting for gifts. Many of us prepare gifts for our loved ones and relatives.

Usually everyone expects miracles at Christmas and calls it a holiday of miracles and dreams coming true. Many are honored with great pomp and celebration, decorate the apartment, prepare gifts. There are also such people who do not have the opportunity to afford the luxury of buying such things. There is a very interesting tradition in an American school. Schoolchildren collect money, buy gifts and send them to homeless children and families with no money to make their children happy.

One of the school boys named Taylor prepared a gift and sent it to an unknown girl who lived in a poor family. The girl was extremely happy and believed that it was brought by Santa Claus. 14 years passed and the girl remembered her birthday present. He kept the name and surname written on the gift and was trying to identify the person with that name on social websites .

The boy had long forgotten about the tradition of sending gifts. He was already a student, a decent young man. Suddenly one day he received an invitation from a company on a social website, but he rejected the invitation not knowing who the girl was. However, the girl tried to send an application again. This time, the young man accepted the girl’s invitation with interest. The girl sent a picture of herself as a   holding a Christmas gift box. The boy remembers that gift box and they start to communicate actively. Soon the boy invited the girl to his hometown, the latter accepted the invitation with great joy. After staying for some time, the girl returns to her hometown, but they continue to communicate. Taylor soon realizes that he got too attached to the girl and even fell in love. After some time, he proposes marriage and the girl accepts with great happiness. They get married after 1 year and live happily.

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