As soon as this baby’s father pats his head, he begins to sleep peacefully.

With the birth of a child, a mother’s life changes and she becomes more caring, more loving and even younger. The mother always assumes the role of the nurse, dresser, bather, sleeper and in general all the chores related to the house. However, sometimes there are such fathers who ease the worries of mothers by helping them in raising the child. Even the smallest help can give mom a little breather.

We bring to your attention a case that proves that the father also plays a big role in the upbringing of the child. The hero father put the little boy to sleep without making any effort. You can watch the video yourself and have fun because you will hardly be able to watch the expression on the baby’s face without laughing. Similar videos often amuse children as well. In general, it is the mother’s duty to put the child to sleep, to read him a fairy tale, but the opposite also happens, but the father neither read a fairy tale nor put him to bed, but put the little one to sleep with a magical movement as if using a stick.

To our surprise, the child did not want to sleep. He was sitting on his father’s lap, and in front of them was the pet dog. The little boy was petting the dog. Dad caressed the baby’s head with his hand, slowly moving his hand all over his face. The little one seemed to want to sleep, the second time he caressed him in the same way, the little one closed and then opened his eyes. After stroking for the third time, the little one closed his eyes, and after stroking for the fourth time, the little one dropped his head on his father’s shoulder and fell asleep. A way to put a baby to sleep with such an amazing movement is unlikely to come across every day, but everyone has their own approach and means to put their babies to sleep.

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