At the age of 87, Brigitte Bardot looks just as beautiful and elegant! What is the secret

On September 28, 2021, the legendary actress Brigitte Bardot turned 87 years old.

But despite her age, she is still attractive, spectacular and leads a very active lifestyle.

Until the age of 15, Brigitte did not consider herself a beauty, like all teenagers, she had a lot of complexes and was very modest.

Ballet helped her cope with all this, it was thanks to dance that she was able to reveal herself, gain confidence, grace and elegance.

After she was invited to star for a fashion magazine, she became a successful model.

In 1953, thanks to a flighty act, her career as an actress began.

The girl arrived at the Cannes Festival and went to the beach in a bikini, where the beauty began to pose for local admiring photographers, eclipsing all the stars present at the festival.

In 1973, the actress announced the end of her career.

She was 39 years old.

But by that time she was very tired of public life, Brigitte said that she would like to stop the constant mention of her name in the media.

After leaving the cinema, the star became actively involved in animal protection.

Many dogs and cats were saved from death by her personally and even lived in her house.

And in 1986, Brigitte sells all her jewelry and organizes a charitable foundation that should protect animals.

He is still working and bears the name of the actress.

At 87, the star is active, looks great and does not resort to plastic surgery, she has preserved her natural beauty.

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