Before the homecoming dance, a young boy with Down syndrome is rejected, but he is approached by a stranger, and his mother loses it.

High school dances are important social events in any young man or womans life. Its a chance to socialize with your coworkers while also making new friends in a less formal setting than a typical classroom.

These gatherings are supposed to be enjoyable and relaxed, but there’s no denying that they put a lot of pressure on many young people. Not Daniel, on the other hand. The young man you’re about to meet in the video below was giddy with anticipation as he planned his homecoming dance.

That is until he started getting turned down by every single girl he asked out on a date. What was the reason for Daniel’s rejection each and every time? He has Down Syndrome, and the girls at his high school were worried about how others would react if they were seen with someone who was different.

Fortunately, not all girls think this way, and Daniel was able to attend his dance with Kyle, a lovely young lady whose sole desire was to make Daniel’s night as enjoyable as possible..

Kyle attends Daniel’s high school and is in the tenth grade. Watch the video below to see what other surprises she had in store for Daniel..

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