Can you imagine that such a small miracle can cook on its own? Funny video

We all know that babies are miracles. They are  the  meaning  of  our  life. Their  success  is our  happiness. Most  of  us   have  great  eager   to  see  our  children being  happy and  successful.  They can be endowed with different abilities. These abilities are often admired and praised  by  us. One’s child may have a good voice, another may have good pronunciation or counting.

Another  child can remember the names of the capitals of different countries, the population,  can  speak  a  foreign  language  fluently etc.  All of these are considered  being  abilities when observed in the early stages of children’s development. At this age, they have the opportunity to become famous and shock the Internet,  people ,to have many followers.

Have you ever heard about a baby who is food chef by the age of 1, and over 1,3 million people follow him on Instagram? He is real child and is really food chef. This cheerful baby’s name is Kobe. His parents inspire him by recording and sharing the videos with friends. He is so funny, so attractive, so adorable , that you can not look at him without fun and inspiration , can’t be indifferent to his infectious smile. He is dressed like a chef. The apron and hat in red suits him so well, as if he is real food chef. He mixes the ingredients so nimbly as if being master. Can you believe that he has made over 100 food, in spite of being one year baby. Every time he creates an unusual, unique dish and and that is his invention. l the while he makes restless movements, laughs, grimaces, then starts stirring and cooking again. He especially likes chocolate and fruits. He touches the fruit he likes with his hand, laughs loudly and coolly. How funny is looking at him! All the time he eats, tastes, mixes and smiles. You should see, how he enjoys if he likes the food. All the time he laughs cheerfully. Tasting and cooking make him fun.

If you want to know more about this baby chef you can follow him on Instagram. His videos are famous all over the word. Here is also video you can watch. Please check and watch it below.


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