Couple Realizes The Man Who Had Been Living With Them For Three Years Isn’t Their Son

Couple realizes the man who had been living with them for three years isn’t their son.

Nothing is worse than realizing your child is missing. Families and relatives try their hardest to stay optimistic and hope that soon they will receive some good news. While some families are lucky enough to reunite with their missing child sooner or later others are less fortunate.

In 1994 a teenage boy from texas went missing, his parents and relatives were heartbroken. The search for the missing teenager continued for three long years with no results and his parents were starting to lose hope of ever seeing him again, then three years later they received a phone call from the police.

The authorities had found their son and soon he was brought back home to his family. The young man felt extremely lucky to be reunited with his parents and relatives after not seeing them for years but just when things started to feel normal again the boy’s parents discovered something utterly disturbing about their son that made them regret bringing him home.

Nicholas barkley was living with his family in san antonio texas like many other boys his age he frequently fought with his parents. Often after an argument he would walk out of the door and meet with his friends to play basketball.

Basketball was his escape it helped nicholas to cool off and forget about his problems at home. The teen was back to his normal self after a couple of hours playing outside after the game was over nicholas and his friends would return home to their families but what happened one night shocked his family to the core.

One day for the first time nicholas got himself in trouble with the law, he had to attend a court date scheduled in the next few days sadly nicholas never made it to his court hearing. The night before the court date nicholas went out with his friends to play basketball.

After the game was over all of the boys returned home except for nicholas. His family was worried as he had never done that before. Little did they know how much worse it would soon get. For the continuation watch the video.

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