Dad begins playing guitar for the twins, and their reaction to dance is sweet..

These infant twins begin to move as their father plays My Paradisea song he wrote just for his daughters. These are the same infants that stunned the internet in 2012 by dancing in their high chairs to their father’s guitar playing..

At 19 months, our identical twins genuinely moved to Daddys guitar Its incredible how kids come up with their own dance moves! The tune I’m playing is one-of-a-kind, which I composed just for them: According to his YouTube page, the father of these adorable twin daughters is a free artisan who enjoys writing presentingand mingling music.

The twins turn the parlor where their chimney is into a dance floor complete with similar clothing, hairstyles, and-presumably-matching enthusiasm for music.

According to a McMaster University study, newborns who are exposed to music are certain to smile. When these melodic newborns scream, they are easier to quiet than babies who do not hear music. Furthermore, more music receptivity is linked to infants that are obliged to study their general environment. Because of these numerous factors, wise parents should expose their children to

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