Dad Forces Daughter to Call Off Her Wedding 50 Years Later, She Finds This in Mom’s Wallet

Dad forces daughter to call off her wedding 50 years later she finds this in mom’s wallet. It was a classic love story from the very start when janice rude and prentice wilson first met it was love at first sight, like something right out of a romance novel.

The two young lovers still in college quickly were smitten with one another and became engaged. It seemed that the future could only be promising for the lovebirds. That was until something tragic happened that tore them apart, separating the two lovers from each other and causing them to break off the engagement.

Fifty years later a shocking discovery came to light and forced them to cross paths once again, this time though things would be very very different. Janice rude and prentice wilson were classic young lovebirds. The two fell in love at first sight while studying at occidental college in los angeles california.

At the time rude was a sophomore studying biology a year ahead of wilson. Wilson was just a freshman still getting used to college life when janice caught his eye and he couldn’t tear his gaze away after that. Little did they know their story had only begun and that together they were about to encounter an unforgettable ordeal. Janice rude and prentice wilson met during a chance encounter at the school cafeteria in 1962.

She happened to have been on shift working there when wilson came in to eat, as soon as they locked eyes there was an instant connection. They both knew it was love at first sight, however the young coeds were both so demure and innocent at the time that they could hardly even look each other in the eyes without blushing, however that would soon change. Janice rood was born and raised in reno nevada and came from a humble background.

She learned at an early age from her father who she highly respected that she needed to work hard in life to become successful, that was a lesson that stayed with rude for the rest of her life. Rude’s father was always supportive of her going to college even though that wasn’t something that he pushed her to do. For the continuation watch the video.

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