Daddy shares sweetest musical moments with daughter by his side..

Paul Burton is a wonderful acclaimed pianist and at the same time a wonderful father. He loves his daughter Emily too much. When Emily was born, Paul made a decision that she would definitely grow up under his supervision.

Besides that, he has grown up and looks almost a year old. Emily simply enjoys her father playing the piano while she quietly and submissively listens to the music in her cabin.

Paul was almost always by his daughter’s side, even if he had to play the piano with one hand. It shows how responsible and caring he is as a father and his love for his beloved daughter, Emily.

Emily loves that Paul plays the piano and even sleeps. The music is like a lullaby and gives a calm and peaceful sleep. He feels very safe when he is playing the piano and sleeping. He is gradually growing up and now he is still small. Paul and Emily are a very close father and daughter bond. They just can’t stay away from each other. Paul loves to hold Emily in his arms, play and dance with her. The baby is smiling beautifully in his father’s arms. Emily is now 5 years old and listens carefully to how her father plays the piano on his knees. He understands the music and makes hand gestures, which in turn show that he can even dance to the tune. Emily loves music so much that she even learns when her father plays the piano.

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