Dancers hear music choice and room fills with laughter

The Intercontinental Hotel in Budapest, Hungary hosted the Budafest 2022 which featured a host of activities including a West Coast swing competition..

Dancers came to show off their fancy footwork, which they knew would be immortalized on social media.

Kyle Redd and Nicole Ramirez weren’t expecting to be paired during the event.
But these two are amazing dancers in their own right and this competition is super fun.

As both Kyle and Nicole are called to the dance floor, a hilarious exchange ensues especially when the song starts playing. Kyle doesn’t seem to know it which is odd.

The song is Abba’s “Mamma Mia”.
It’s perfect for an upbeat dance like the swing when you think about it. This is a fun, improvisational style of dancing which allows the lady or her partner to lead or follow as needed.

The dance is traditionally danced to slower, blues-style swing music, but a recent resurgence sees many dancers taking the West Coast Swing to hip hop, R&B and pop music.

Swing dancing developed in the 1940s on the West Coast of California.

Have some fun with these two dancers in the video below!

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