Deputy rescues his wife by pushing her out the way of crash – after 23 days in coma he just woke up

Life comes at you very unexpectedly. You never know what a certain day is going to bring. A young couple was on the side of the road when a car came barreling towards them.

The quick-thinking husband pushed his wife out of the way and ended up saving her life. But he himself, was not that lucky…

31-year-old Raymond Surber was off-duty and driving his 2017 Chevrolet Silverado on August 1 when he crashed into a young couple on the side of the road. ACSO Reserve Deputies Lucas and his wife Nicole Shoffner were on the side of the road trying fix a dirt bike when Surber crashed into them.

It was about 11:17 p.m. when the crash took place. Both husband and wife were injured as a result of the crash, but Lucas suffered more serious injuries.

After 23 days in his coma, Lucas finally woke up and was seen by doctors to be on the road to recovery. It has been reported that Lucas will now be headed to a rehabilitation facility in Atlanta to continue his recovery.
According to Nicole’s stories on Instagram, Lucas’ recovery seems to be going well. The ASCO deputy recently walked 200 steps at the rehabilitation center which was appreciated by his wife and celebrated by many people in their lives.

Lucas pushed his wife out of the way to save her life and sustained life-threatening injuries as a result. That is true love; a love that makes someone selfless.
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