Doctors were shocked when they found this inside the man’s tummy

Sanju Bhagat, an Indian farmer, has had a protruding tummy his whole life. Villagers mocked him for looking nine months pregnant. They had no idea that what they were saying was virtually true.

Sanju was 36 years old in June 1999 when his increasing stomach made it hard for him to breathe. He was transported to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India, for surgical treatment.

Specialists suspected that an inside tumor was developing, but during surgery, the doctor noticed something he had never seen before.

One anonymous doctor claimed to have seen what she saw in the operating room that day.

Then there’s some gen.italia,limbs, hair, jaws, and other body parts. »
It was almost as though Sanju had given birth. Sanju Bhagat suffered from fetus in fetu, one of the world’s strangest medical conditions.

For 36 years, Bhagat carried the mutant body of his twin brother, who had fully developed limbs, hair, and long fingernails.
It is an incredibly unusual condition that happens when a fetus becomes imp.risoned within its twin.

The imp.risoned fetus may persist as a parasite even after birth by creating an um.b.ilical cord-like structure that draws blood from its sibling until it gets big enough to thr.e.a.ten the host, at which time physicians routinely assist.

Because of the pressure of sharing the placenta, most twins die before delivery.

In Bhagat’s instance, however, he survived the delivery and miraculously sustained the life of the leached fetus for 36 years.

Nobody had any idea there was an issue. Because he exhibited no signs of pain, everyone assumed he had a large stomach.

Bhagat’s anguish and difficulty breathing were relieved by surgical intervention, and he recovered quickly.

His weight dropped from 200 pounds to 88 pounds. For physicians, the case was a medical marvel, but for Bhagat, it was a source of humiliation and agony.

People ha.r.a.s.s.e.d him for his large tummy and moc.k.ed him for being pregnant his whole life. What they stated was, ironically, correct.

Bhagat is now in excellent health and living a regular life, although he is still ta.u.n.ted on occasion.

People still mo.c.k him and claim that he was operated on and had a kid.

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