Donny Osmond shares a touching moment with his brother at his last concert

The ’70s band made up of siblings from the Osmond family, known as the Osmonds, quickly rose to fame after hitting the top of the charts. The members became teen idols who stole the hearts of millions of Americans. The screaming crowds anticipating each of the Osmonds’ new single, album and performance created a frenzy known as Osmondmania.

When the only sister in the Osmond family started her musical career herself, she and her brother Donny became a duo and rose to the stars together. Their fame grew and fans couldn’t get enough of the famous brother and sister, so soon after Marie and Donny Osmond had their own show, ‘Donny & Marie’, which was a huge success.

The rest of the Osmonds also pursued solo careers, among them Donny’s older brother, Merrill Osmond. He rose to fame and became a celebrity in his own right, and just recently held his last gig and his brother Danny was there to share the emotional moment with him.

As Merrill played, Danny hugged him tightly from behind. Alongside the photo that spoke a thousand words of the love between these two brothers, Danny wrote, “It was a night I will never forget. I went to see my brother, Merrill’s last performance here in the States. Watching him, I became a fan myself, singing with all the other fans filling the Westgate theater, where we played together in the 70s. He asked me to join him at the end of the show and when he was singing his closing song, i couldn’t help but hug my brother goodbye. Yes, it took all of us to create The Osmonds, but it was Merrill’s voice that created the sound. It was an incredible moment. Thank you my brother. »

Merrill closed the show with “Hard To Say Goodbye” for his last performance in the United States and the heartwarming moment the brothers shared melted millions of hearts.

It’s incredibly touching that Donny credited his brother for the contributions he made to his little brother’s career.

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