Dress for $200 thousand. Photos from a gypsy wedding in Slovakia, which is discussed in the Net

The wedding of these young people breaks all records for splendor and chic.

Any bride will feel jealous for the nineteen-year-old Eva’s wedding dress for two hundred thousand dollars.

It was embroidered with gold and precious stones.

The  matching shoes and accessories and crown, of course, are also of gold.

Her chosen one, twenty-year-old Lucas, was a match for the bride in a snow-white tuxedo with gold embroidery.

The number of treats for guests could probably feed a small country.

And how gently and carefully they feed each other.

An interesting dance of the bride to collect financial gifts, when everyone took up the hem of the dress and threw money like a plate.

On the second day, the dress is even more interesting, sewn from banknotes of different denominations and she is dancing barefoot in impatience of counting them.

And the most long-awaited moment, the calculation of the amount received as a gift.

I don’t think they were disappointed.

And one more dress, evening, but here the stylists somehow did not work, but probably according to the principle of the beloved body there should be a lot.

What’s your opinion?

How do you like the celebration and the newlyweds?

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