Duo performs captivating neoswing dance to 1920s style electro swing music

Dancing is such a fantastic expression of feelings as well as talent. As so many of us are known for having ‘two left feet,’ dancing can be pretty tricky and isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

This dancing duo, JSM, and Eric, make dancing look easy. Using some fantastic moves full of style and finesse, these two are genuinely dynamic and captivating.

As the dance to this upbeat song, Lost in the Rhythm, by Jamie Berry featuring Octavia Rose, you can’t help but watch in awe. Wearing suits and fedoras, these two have classy chemistry.

Dancing in unison together at times and then breaking out into solo, spotlight moves are very captivating. You can tell that these two have been dancing together for years.

While they have a whole arsenal of impressive moves, just the footwork alone is enough to make you say “wow!” This intricate style of movement takes so much skill and practice.

The song, Lost in the Rhythm by Jamie Berry featuring Octavia Rose is the perfect track for this duo’s style. Incredibly classy yet upbeat, it’s the ideal crossover to make for an engaging routine.

Their moves are a great visual representation of this song. With their feet ‘tap tapping’ and their arms ‘swing swinging,’ JSM and Eric genuinely know how to draw in an audience.

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