Everyone laughed at him when he married her, 6 years later she shows her metamorphosis

What is beauty? Is it only something on the outside, or does the inside count as well? This man knew his wife wasn’t the best looking, but he loved her nonetheless. Unfortunately his friends couldn’t look past her appearance. This was a tough time for the couple, while they were supposed to be enjoying one of the most precious moments in their life.

Six years later, she showed them all her metamorphosis. They all went quiet then.

This bride got a lot of criticism on the way she looked, when pictures of her and her groom appeared on the internet. But in the six years since, she’s undergone a massive metamorphosis, which has shut up every critic. This true story shows that looks aren’t the most important thing in the world.

Despite the nasty remarks, the bride and her groom had an amazing wedding day. They don’t care what other people think. They married each other because they are each others true love. They weren’t phased by the nasty comments of other people.

Unfortunately their friends and family weren’t the only ones who couldn’t keep their opinion to themselves.

We’ll admit, both the bride and the groom don’t quite fit into the beauty ideal we have in our world today. But that says more about our beauty ideals than about them. They love each other and don’t look at appearances. Maybe they’re more developed than we are.

The internet seems to have a new obsession every day. It followed the same trend with this story. Their wedding pictures surfaced, they got a lot of negative comments, but after only a week or so, the comments subsided. The couple went on loving each other and had a great honeymoon. The world forgot about them and didn’t know they would resurface after 6 years, having undergone a massive metamorphosis.

Stick around to find out what they looked like.

The metamorphosis would’ve gone undetected if it hadn’t been for this one journalist. One day, he couldn’t come up with a subject to write a story about, when he remembered the controversial couple. He wondered what they were up to these days and decided to write a follow-up story.

Were they still married? He went on his way to find them.

It took the better part of the day to figure out where the controversial couple was, but when he finally found them, he was in for a real surprise. He found them in a small town, away from the big cities. They had built a lovely home there, where they lived together, still very much in love.

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