Exciting photographers. For years, the girl drew her parents when she said goodbye

Family is the place where you feel happy, safe and protected, surrounded by love and warmth. When you are young, everything is easier. Parents take care of us, but we don’t notice their worries. We only think about playing, eating, and wearing clothes,

but how our parents get them, it doesn’t bother us. But when we grow up and realize the dedication of our parents towards us, we try to do our best to make them happy. They are getting old and there will come a day when only beautiful memories from our parents will remain.

Some people record happy moments with their parents for later viewing, others take pictures of them and keep the pictures. All of these can be passed down from generation to generation and brought to life through their memories and honoring them. To everyone’s surprise, this woman, about whom we want to tell, after getting married, decided to think of a way to always remember her parents. Every time he visited his parents and returned to his home, he took a picture of them saying goodbye.

Taking pictures of her parents had become a family tradition and she had been doing it for 20 years and now has a large album of memories that she flips through and remembers them with infinite nostalgia. It is very important to create such traditions in the family, which will allow us to unite family members even in memory, regardless of whether they are with us or not.

Family albums are the history of our childhood, friends, relatives, sweet memories, parents, through which we go back in time and relive that moment through memory. Is it possible to forget friends in the yard, the game, parents, birthdays or other occasions?  Of course no. We all have our own version of remembering.

Every time he compared the pictures, he could feel the change in his parents. They had grown up with age, but the feeling and joy was the same. In the same way, we grow old, the generation changes, but that family album is permanent, in which there are only pictures that do not change, wrapped in great devotional love, warmth and longing. When you open the album, you seem to breathe in the scent of childhood, and the pictures seem to come alive, and you involuntarily begin to talk to them and feel their presence.

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