Florida Boy Vanishes after Telling Mom ‘Bad People Trying to Take Me Away’ – Mom Pleads for His Return

When a mother went to pick up her son after he was done spending time with his dad, she was deeply shocked. To her dismay, there was no sign of her young boy or his father. At that moment, she recalled her son’s cryptic comments and immediately knew something was wrong.

Mothers are known to share a unique, heart-to-heart connection with their children that defies logic and rationality. Children feel safe, happy, protected, and loved in their mother’s warm and loving embrace.

They know that no matter what happens, they can always come running to their mom. A mother’s whole world centers around her child, and even the idea of something happening to her baby can be her worst nightmare. Sadly, the mother in today’s story underwent a similar dilemma with her child.

A Lovely Duo
Yanet Leal Concepcion lived in Miami, Florida, with her son, Jorge Morales. She loved her little boy with all her heart and soul and considered herself blessed to be his mom. The mother-son duo shared a beautiful and heartwarming bond and were incredibly close.

Concepcion revealed that the investigators found another disturbing piece of information.

A Smart Boy
Concepcion affectionately referred to her son as little “Jojo,” who was the love of her life and the center of her universe. She said her son had a brilliant memory and was passionate about cars. She described him in these words:

“He’s like the smartest kid on earth. He knows every car, make and model. Every Sunday, we’d go out, and I would ask what do you want to do? Go to the park. He’d say, ‘I want to go to the parking lot to see the cars.’”

Something Wasn’t Right
The Miami mother hoped to create countless memories with her sweet boy, but an unanticipated occurrence deprived her of this chance. It all began when Concepcion arrived at the meeting spot to pick up little Jojo on Saturday, August 27, 2022, but was taken aback to see that he wasn’t there.

She said her son’s dad and her ex-husband, also called Jorge Morales, had taken Jojo to spend time with him. However, Concepcion noted that Jorge was supposed to meet Jojo for some time and safely return him home afterward. The distraught mom said she immediately contacted the police.

Nowhere to Be Found
According to Concepcion, she and her ex-husband divorced almost three years ago in 2019. The couple had shared custody of Jojo, but the mother said she sought full custody. She also said her ex-husband could only see their son during the day, per the custody agreement.

Concepcion noted that when officers searched her ex-husband’s apartment, all his belongings were gone, and there was no sign of him. Little Jojo has reportedly been missing for a month, and his mother is desperate to find her boy.

The Red Flags
Before her son’s disappearance, Concepcion said she recorded a few of his conversations from September 2021, where he passed cryptic comments, such as “Bad people trying to take me away” and “Mommy will protect me.” She further recounted:

“He commented to me that his dad wanted to take him to live on a farm with windmills and he wanted me to go with him.”

Amber Alert
Concepcion stated that her son was on the autism spectrum and had some communication delays. She said her lovely boy was a first-grader and had celebrated his sixth birthday before he went missing.

On September 2, an Amber Alert was issued for the young boy, which remains active. Investigators have deemed the case an abduction and believe the youngster was taken by his 45-year-old father, Jorge, and 68-year-old paternal grandmother, Lilliam Pena Morales.

The Unsettling Revelations
Concepcion revealed that the investigators found another disturbing piece of information — her ex-husband had been planning the abduction for over a year. But that wasn’t all. The Florida woman said Jorge had also been researching how to “live off the grid.”

It’s been extremely tough for Concepcion to function in her son’s absence. She told the reporters that she had barely eaten or slept since Jojo disappeared. Her only hope is knowing that people are looking for her child. She expressed:

“I hope that my baby knows that I’m looking for him. That I’m here. I just want to wake up and realize this is a nightmare. Every time I close my eyes, I feel his little hands.”

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