For a blind woman, her husband covered the surroundings of the house with her favorite flowers. His move deserves respect

Love is the only noble and great emotion that has the power to transform a person. For the sake of love, people are ready to change their life, preferences, work. To love means to forgive, donate, respect, be caring and compassionate, benevolent.

Even in old age, taking care of each other is also a manifestation of love. These feelings are not always real. These Chinese couples are one of those rare couples who were unfailingly devoted to each other and cared for each other.

They were married for 50 years. Yukaso and Toshiyuki got married without loving each other, but based on the agreement of their parents. But soon they realized that they were born for each other and started to connect more and take care of each other. Despite their life, they were very happy.

The only occupation of their family was agriculture. They worked daily, but the income was very little. Yukuso helped her husband every day. After the birth of the children, they decided to buy cows and give up agriculture. The cattle required enough time. Despite waking up early, they were very satisfied with taking the cattle to the field, because at the end of the month they had a lot of money saved. They soon had a lot of money saved up to expand their library and even travel.

However, one day something happens to Yukaso and they have to spend all the money for his treatment. But in vain. To make his wife happy, the husband started planting pink and white flowers in his garden. The whole field was covered with flowers, as if a carpet had been spread. All summer and autumn they were in bloom and spread their fragrance all around. This is the kind of love and warmth that a husband surrounds to make his beloved wife happy.

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