Happy Birthday to ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?’ (1962)

On October 31, 1962, the horror film ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane’ debuted on American film screens. The psychological thriller was directed by Robert Aldrich and starred the legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

The plot follows an aging former child star who torments her paraplegic sister, who is a former movie star. The setting is an old Hollywood mansion, and the film was released on Halloween to terrify audiences.

The film was a critical and box-office success. It was nominated for five Academy Awards and won for Best Costume Design. Bette Davis received her tenth nomination for Best Actress.

There was a real rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, which fueled the film’s success. Another interesting aspect of the film was the controversial plot originally received an ‘X’ rating in the United Kingdom.

‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane’ was a box office hit, and it grossed over 9 million dollars in America. It gave Bette Davis and Joan Crawford their biggest hit in over a decade.

Bette Davis plays ‘Jane Hudson,’ an aging child star who is left to care for her sister ‘Blanche,’ played by Joan Crawford, who was also a former child actress. Blanche wants to get revenge for the car crash that left her in a wheelchair, but Jane is plotting to keep Blanche imprisoned.

The two iconic female actresses play their parts with precision, adding to the suspenseful plot. The film became a cult classic over the years and is now considered essential viewing for Bette Davis and Joan Crawford fans.

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