He is 83 years old and she is 79 years old and they are back on the ice. Unrepeatable performance of Olympic champions..

Recently, the performance of Olympic champions Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopov appeared on the Network. At one time their performances were used without exception. Now he is 83 years old, and she is 79 years old, at this age dance on ice can be considered impossible. But this couple proved the opposite. What a beautiful, gentle and magnificent presentation. This speaks only about the highest level of professionalism.

Infinite respect for them. For a whole century they have been unique and are. She says that she remembers performing with her father in Luzhniki as a child, when she was about 10 years old. And what impressed the admiration of the audience she had.

50 years have passed since that day.

Creativity has no age!

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