He ruined his own life. She didn’t want to forgive me and just kicked me out. I didn’t apologize to her — she definitely won’t forgive me

Our marriage has lasted for twenty years. There was nothing unusual in our family, because we lived like an ordinary average family in our country.

My wife and I always worked, but over time I saw how much she had changed and already looked completely different from how she was at twenty-five. Now she looks like an elderly woman, because she gave birth to three children and literally immediately after giving birth she began to work.

Of course, when she gets ready for work, her makeup makes it look like she’s only thirty, but I know the whole truth about her. I also worked tirelessly, but I didn’t even notice how the years had passed and that in just a couple of months I would have grandchildren, it seemed to me that in this life I would still be able to do a lot of things, but I’m already forty-five.

Then I started going to my mistress after work, because I wanted to meet a young girl, and my wife, one could say, I simply don’t need. Every day I spent time with Christina, but my wife thought that I just started working even harder. I’m already used to this girl, so one day I thought that maybe it would be better if I filed for divorce from Marina. Christina herself says that she is bored of living alone. In the end, I packed my things and moved, because I thought that my life would definitely change.

Upon returning home, I immediately made a scandal with my wife and it seemed to me that she would also start yelling that she was tired of all this and it would be better for us to get a divorce, but my wife just stood silently and looked at me. She simply pointed to my bag and then to the door and added not to appear in her house again. After her words, she simply went to another room and closed herself there, apparently, she was very offended. I wanted to make her freak out, so when I was collecting things, I specially kicked and threw everything, because I hoped that my wife would at least leave the room and start a scandal, but there was no reaction from her. As a result, I packed my bag and, in order to shock and offend my wife even more, I wanted to tell her to look for a new man or not to wait for my arrival, because I would not return, but she never opened the door.

I realized that I had already hurt her anyway, because she tried to provide for our family, she always helped me, and I took it and found myself a mistress who only needs my money, but she definitely doesn’t need me. She gave birth to children and looked after them all the time, and I did nothing to help her. Even when I was sick, my wife didn’t go to work and sat by my bed all the time to help me. My wife, most likely, was crying behind a closed door, and I hurt her even more. As a result, I stopped packing my things and, throwing out my suitcase, began to cry and ask for forgiveness, but my wife would hardly have forgiven me after this. I realized that I absolutely did not need a relationship with Christina and I had to stay only with my wife, but it was too late to do something, the wife decided to divorce

. I warned Christina that there would be no more relations between us and I would not come to her, and I myself simply went to live in a rented apartment with my things. I ruined everything and our relationship will never be the same, because in a week we already have a divorce.

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