Her Toddler Was Acting Strange, So Mom Planted A Hidden Camera

Her toddler was acting strange so mom planted a hidden camera.

The matinees were overjoyed when their first daughter rayleigh was born in springdale arkansas in 2011. They lived a simple life but were extremely content, things couldn’t have been better for them. As their daughter got older whitney had to go back to law school so they decided they had to get someone to take care of their daughter.

Chris was also working full time so could not stay at home. They would need to get a nanny but they had to find someone that they trusted with their pride and joy. Whitney proceeded to take on the difficult task of finding the right person with whom they can trust their daughter.

They needed to look at their credentials and make sure that they could trust them. After all they wanted to feel secure that when they left for work each morning that their daughter would be looked after and also happy, this was very important.

Just before rayleigh turned one in 2012 chris and whitney had a very hard time and really struggled with coming to terms with the thought of having to leave behind their baby daughter with a complete stranger. Would they miss her most important moments, what if she called the nanny mom.

Although a bit hesitant whitney was relieved when one of her friends responded to her post on facebook. Eventually after a rigorous interview process the matinees decided to try melissa madima, also from springdale arkansas who was recommended to them through a friend. She had the perfect credentials for the job and she had what seemed a good credibility based on the background checks, she also had strong references.

But they could not totally be sure that all would be okay while they were away at work. They just had to hope for the best and trust their gut. What if they ended up regretting the decision they made .

This thought kept nagging her. They did not want their little girl to be miserable. Melissa seemed like she loved the job and that made them feel at ease. She also seemed to really love the baby girl and was passionate about taking care of her and because melissa was charming to raleigh the little girl quickly warmed up to her. This was all a mother could ask for. For the continuation watch the video.

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