Her Vacation Photo Went Viral and She Couldn’t Figure Out Why

When this woman posted a photo from her relaxing vacation she couldn’t have predicted the internet would have reacted the way it did.

There were photos taken at different times by her cousin and a friend of hers she didn’t notice anything unusual at first glance yet she finally saw it when she took a closer look.

There was something she could never forget in the backdrop of one of the photos her heart was racing and her blood was running cold but now it was a viral sensation. She didn’t fully understand what had happened and how. Dundas peak is one of canada’s most popular hiking areas it has an unbelievably picturesque perspective that overlooks hamilton ontario.

Two’s falls the largest drop in hamilton is actually situated in this beautiful mountain home as well. It became a popular platform for people to target because of the frightening design and elegance of the ground but in that gorgeous wilderness something had been hidden and now there was evidence thanks to her, no one would believe what was found here.

There has been a substantial rise in the number of missing people since the peak became a destination for hikers according to local authorities few have never again been found after going missing.

From 2016 more than 140 000 tourists took a trip to don to speak given these warnings and the potential dangers of the mountain, one of these travelers didn’t know something that he or she would create a very unique chapter in the history of dundas mountain, the story is mind-boggling.

The picture taken by the man appeared in a pose common among the photographers on the brink of the peak. His photograph seemed to be no different from anybody else’s there was nothing to see here or was there. Perched on the edge of the outside of the shelf he wore a black jacket and jeans and a leg sticking over the abyss’s edge, no one had noticed what looked behind in the background yet.

His cousin kim saw his pictures and some days later she and her friend plan to go to the peak themselves, she decided to pay a babysitter for her child and headed to the summit to reconstruct the portrait of her cousin.

The women walked the 2.4 mile circular path to the spot they wanted. They turned to pose and recreate the shot not realizing that something suspicious was to be found in those very photos. Just a tad bit later they stood at the edge of the cliff to replicate the image risking death. For the continuation watch the video.

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