High kick dance routine by high school group like ‘The Rockettes’

Leander high school must be proud of their amazing dance team, the ‘Connally Stars.’ Their excellent routine was performed in the gym to thunderous applause. The girls are fantastic performers who have obviously trained hard for this show.

The dance group wears green and white dresses with white cowboy hats and white cowboy boots. Their kicks are so high that it is hard to believe. They link arms and proceed to do a kick line similar to the famed NYC ‘Rockettes.’

They dance to the song ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’ by Rednex. This famous line dance has its own moves that many people know and enjoy. But these girls take it to the next level, adding their own originality and flair.

They move in lines with great precision. Each move is carefully calculated and executed. One misstep and someone could get seriously hurt. They are kicking so high and straight that it looks like their knee is touching their nose!

They even move their lines left-to-right while kicking as high as a leg could reach. At one point in the routine, the girls are linked arm-in-arm, and the backline comes through the front line while they are kicking. It is an incredibly complicated move.

One of the most incredible moves in the routine is when the team circles up and links arms. They are arm-in-arm again, and each girl lifts her right leg straight out to the side and holds it there as the wave of legs advances around the circle. Then, they bow while holding the challenging pose.

The audience roars with enthusiasm! As far as high school dance groups go, this one is stellar. They have fantastic timing and coordination, as well as body strength. The ‘Connally Stars’ delivered a phenomenal performance.

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