High kick dance routine by high school group like ‘The Rockettes’

Leander high school must be proud of their amazing dance team, the ‘Connally Stars.’ Their excellent routine was performed in the gym to thunderous applause. The girls are fantastic performers who have obviously trained hard for this show.

The dance bunch sports green and white dresses with white Texas style caps and white rancher boots. Their kicks are high to the point that it is difficult to accept. They interface arms and continue to do a kick line like the popular NYC ‘Rockettes.’

They dance to the song ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’ by Rednex. This famous line dance has its own moves that many people know and appreciate. But these young ladies take it to the next level, adding their own inventiveness and pizazz.

They move in lines with extraordinary accuracy. Each move is painstakingly determined and executed. One stumble and somebody could get seriously stung. They are kicking so high and straight that it seems as though their knee is contacting their nose!

They even move their lines left-to-right while kicking as high as a leg could reach. At a certain point in the daily schedule, the young ladies are connected affectionately intertwined, and the backline gets through the forefront while they are kicking. It is a unimaginably convoluted move.

Perhaps of the most unimaginable move in the routine is when the group circles up and joins arms. They are affectionately intertwined once more, and every young lady lifts her right leg straight out aside and holds it there as the influx of legs propels around the circle. Then, at that point, they bow while holding the challenging posture.

The crowd thunders with enthusiasm! To the extent that secondary school dance bunches go, this one is heavenly. They have incredible timing and practical dexterity, as well as body strength. The ‘Connally Stars’ conveyed a sensational performance.

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