How I met my love ten years after separation

Pasha and I met when we were at school. But the main part of the girls then studied hard, went to different circles, so Pasha and I were one of the few. They even looked at us sideways.

Already in my school years, I realized that it is not very good when excessive attention is shown to your person. When I was not with the girls, they said behind my back that I was not a couple with Pasha. Either my weight is overweight, or my nose is not like that, or in general I am awkward. But he is a star! A well-known football player in local circles. But no one said anything to their faces.

What caused it, I don’t know. But we parted. After graduation, he told me that he did not plan to enter the medical school, although we agreed with him. He preferred physics. In general, he wants to take a break in our relationship. I tried to dedicate myself to acting. I crammed my lessons. Parents paid for tutors. I entered. But she wasn’t happy about it. All thoughts were only about Pasha. I called him and he answered the first time. Then he stopped. As a result, my number was blocked.

I wanted to hate him, got rid of all the photos, gifts, everything connected with him. I tried to get distracted with the girls in cafes, met the guys. They just didn’t interest me. Most likely, she was afraid to start a new relationship.

I met Sergey at the end of my studies. This is a young doctor with whom various nurses were in love. But I didn’t like him at first. I treated him like a colleague. He began to take care of me, gave me flowers, treated me to coffee, surprised me. All the girls were thrilled by his appearance. And I wasn’t too happy for him.

Gossip began to spread about me again. They began to call me the snow queen. And they weren’t shy about expressing themselves. I just didn’t want to think about it. And when my mother visited me and asked me not to ruin my life, to respond to the doctor’s courtship, not to deprive myself of the opportunity to become happy, I thought about it. And she agreed to Sergey for courtship.

Given the fact that we are both adults, the wedding was not postponed for a long time. As is the institution of children. First she gave birth to one son, then the second. They were weather. That’s good — they were busy with each other. When the youngest was two years old, I went to work. The children were often ill, went to the garden a little. Luckily my mother-in-law helped. She moved in with us.

Of course, the two mistresses in the house were not very comfortable. The mother-in-law is very experienced, charismatic, but I did not complain. After all, we ourselves invited her. And my mother herself by that time could hardly move. I began to be late at work often. Patient at home. My husband took the car in installments, and my processing was well paid. Therefore, it was beneficial to everyone.

Once I saw Pasha in the office. He just came to see the doctor. He was referred to me as a surgeon. The first feeling is awkwardness. Then, already leaving the office, I saw that he was waiting for me. We went to the cafe. And he began to walk towards me. And I was glad to see him.

Of course, I told him that I was married, and he says that he does not care. The thing is, me too. I am ready to accept any offer. What do i do? What to do? I have never loved my husband. And he is aware. And what to do with children? Leave them to your husband? I do not want. And if you take them home, then who will look after them? I work. And I don’t want to give up on Paul. It’s worse than death.

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