Husband left his wife because of her weight: a year after the woman won the beauty contest

Every year, Alvina Rein’s relationship with her husband were getting worse.

She was addicted to seizing home stress with high-calorie foods. And her husband increasingly reproached her because of her excess weight.

Tension grew, and one day the man decided to leave.

Others in Alvina’s place would have been upset and began to engage in soul-searching. But the woman gathered her willpower, went in for sports, and a year later she won the beauty contest.

The changes in Rein’s life began a few years ago, when the level of contradictions in the family reached the limit.

Relationships with her husband were not easy from the very beginning of the marriage. And to reduce stress, Alvina constantly appealed to fast food.

Very quickly, the food affected the weight, which further aggravated the situation in the family. So the final point was only a matter of time.

By the time her husband left, Rein’s weight was 124 kilograms.

But the most interesting thing is that the woman was afraid of the effect of breaking up the relationship. And the level of stress, on the contrary, fell with the departure of the man.

Then Alvina decided to start changing herself.

She revised her eating habits, gave up junk and fatty foods, and began to exercise every day.

At the beginning, in the first months, the classes were especially hard, but after six months the difference was visible even without weights.

Alvina later recalled in her posts that only after the breakup of her previous relationship did she realize how much they weighed her down.

A year after the start of a new life, Rein was unrecognizable.

She lost over 60 kilos and decided to take the final test of her intrinsic motivation: enter a beauty pageant.

At first, she perceived participation in it as just a way to prove to herself that she was no longer the same Alvina from the past. But to her surprise, the woman quickly entered the shortlist, and then became a finalist.

In parallel, Rain decided to start helping women like her find themselves and began working as a fitness instructor.

The woman now remembers her ex-husband in only one way.

According to her, without past stress, she wouldn’t become the Rein that she is today.

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