Incredible places where people have chosen to live

Sometimes, many of us want to cut off from the human world and live in a place where everything is extraordinary, mysterious or supernatural.

All of us have probably heard that there are extraordinary places in the world that are not inhabited and are extremely strange. For many people, this thought is perhaps absurd, how to live in such a foreign land.

An extraordinary place is Kong Kneas. It is called a ”floating village” and is located in Cambodia. This area is famous for its freshwater lake and is considered to be the home of the largest fish stock. More than one million people live in this area. Here, people live in houseboats on the water. This lake is so big that it includes several separate villages. People live here and have their job or working. They like the place and never want to live in the other place.

Another extremely strange and noteworthy place is the tunnel of Bucharest in Romania. Here, hundreds of people live in the sewers. After the Soviet Union, many people were left without a home and had to settle in such a strange place. More than 1100 children live here. For them, this accommodation has already become a familiar home
Another strange place is the area called “Liberty Bay”. This village is located off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia. It is a wooded area created by two artists. It is equipped with many greenhouses and green area. This village has been built since 1992. This village has solar panels, facilities, art gallery, etc. It will take 45 minutes to reach the nearest village.
All of these unusual places presented are just a small number of the many places that are getting a lot of attention. If you want to know more about them you can just search them for on the Internet.

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