It is necessary to find the hidden woman in this photo. If you found it, then your IQ is high.

Art reflects reality aesthetically, through artistic characters. The object of art reflection is the aesthetic phenomena of reality. Aesthetic recognition of reality, human artistic creativity is realized through various types of art.

Aesthetic phenomena are perceived by sight, hearing, as well as synthesized (both hearing and sight at the same time). Accordingly, art is divided into: Painting, Music, cinema However, the boundaries between different forms of art are relative, they are sometimes intertwined or combined. Artistic reflection and recognition of reality has a beneficial effect on people’s consciousness and feelings, because what is expressed in art is correlated with the artist’s ideal. The ideal of an artist is a reflection of the aspirations and desires of his people, class or social group.

Il faut trouver la femme cachée sur cette photo. Si vous l’avez trouvé, alors votre QI est élevé.
The German York Dusterwalt is a unique representative of art, who was engaged in highlighting the peculiarities of the human body. His artistic works have gained great recognition and fame. It is even interesting to look for a figure or body shape somewhere. Many of his works were also not satisfied, because everyone has their own approach to art. Since ancient times, it has been accepted to emphasize the face, legs, hands and the body in general. Nowadays, it seems that they do not create in this way, but it is still relevant today.

The advantage of his work is the fusion of his figures with nature. You need to be a very skilled specialist and feel the breath of art to separate the image from nature. For example, one of his works is a fence with gates, where you have to find the appearance of a woman’s body.

He was endowed with the ability to perceive colors and images very well. The faces of the characters created by him have feelings, facial expressions, gestures. You can even feel the image has an emotion. Not all works of art can be understood by us, because not everyone has the ability to feel it. Any work of art is a masterpiece from the point of view of the person who understands it.

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