It’s not easy raising 7 kids, but these parents manage to do it all.

Any parent takes care of their child or children with great love and devotion. After all, children are parents’ hope, pride, the one who continues the shining path to success.

Each parent assumes a great responsibility and commitment while raising, providing education and work for their children. Time passes and with time we also grow up and eventually one day we will become parents and until we reach that threshold we hardly have a clear idea of ​​the path of our parents. Do you think it is easy to take care of a family and raise 7 children at once? Naturally, it is not easy to feed and clothe, to meet all the requirements.

Skyler and Jamie Scott are that couple, which proved that looking after and taking care of 7 children at the same time is a real pleasure for parents despite the workload and being on their feet from morning to night. Their morning starts at 7 o’clock, filling the bottles with milk. Their older sons help their parents, first of all, they take the little sisters out of bed, dress them, give them a bottle of milk and lay them on the ground to drink, then they dress the other little brothers and feed them in the same way.

Then the father takes his older sons, one of whom is 9 years old, to school, and they manage to talk about their daily life, their little toddlers , and  are amused by that fact having such  children. They think  that despite running around so much from morning to night, they  are happy because they never don’t grow old because of babies. Even on the Christmas  day , they have   not  worked so much and mingle with each other as they do  every day as soon as the light comes on.

After school, the boys return home to have lunch and do  their classes, while their  mother manages to clean the house, feeds the children, does laundry, and cooks dinner. In the evening, they are  already tired, so that the little ones sleep and the parents, after taking a little breath, sleep to rest in order to prepare for the next morning. Such is the interesting and energetic daily life of the Scott family.

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