Kate & William’s Modest ‘First Home Together’ Where They Lived Simple Life: ‘Beautiful and Isolated’

When the Prince and Princess of Wales began their journey as an official couple, following their 2010 engagement, they lived a quiet and not-so-dutiful life in Wales, their first home. Now, they live in a 200-year-old home on the National Heritage List.

Following the Queen’s final memorable burial, the royals carried on with their duties and personal matters.

While King Charles is handling the crown, his son, William, and his wife are getting the hang of their new duties. Also, similarly, they are handling personal affairs. Reportedly, the couple took a trip down memory lane, literally.

William and Kate visited a place that proposed new beginnings in their lives—a place beholding romantic memories they hold dear.

In 2010, the same year the duo became engaged, they moved to their first home in Anglesey, a humble abode (4-bedroom) that blessed them with the serenity they needed.

Even after their marriage in 2011, they remained in the beautiful and isolated area, creating long-lasting memories as newlyweds. Eventually, as first-time parents — this was also Prince George’s first home.

The couple left a few months after his birth. Their home was not only peaceful but surrounded by nature.

It had a private beach and overlooked the Newborough Forest, Snowdonia, and Llanddwyn Island. During their time there, reports noted that they were set back £750 monthly.

Sources confirmed that Kate and William enjoyed true solitude, away from the paparazzi and royal staff. Indeed, they lived quieter lives and made personal decisions without public scrutiny.

The couple visited local shops and supermarkets like commoners; people could tell whenever they saw William’s car.

They also went about their business individually. William was at Holyhead at RAF Valley, while Kate worked remotely as a photographer and designer for her parents’ website, “Party Pieces.” Their recent visit to Anglesey was to meet with communities and understand the commitments of charities across the area.

After this trip, the couple would hit Swansea and convene with people at the redeveloped St. Thomas Church.

The Church provides help to people in the county by running a food bank and helping needy mothers through Swansea Baby Basics.

Truly, their experiences at the first home are forever ingrained in their hearts. William confirmed their home in Wales would be a “special place” for them.

This is also a memory they are willing to cherish, as he promised that their family would always revisit the place occasionally.

The estate was a gift from the Queen in 2011. However, the Waleses did not move into it until six years later, after it had undergone a refurbishment worth £1.5 million

In his words, “This island has been our first home together, and it will always be an immensely special place for us both.”

William admitted that the island held so much beauty and hospitality without mincing words. He added, “never in my life known somewhere as beautiful and welcoming as Anglesey.”

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