Kayleigh McEnany Scores Landslide Win Over Rivals As ‘Outnumbered’ Beats CNN And MSNBC Combined

Rising Fox News Star Kayleigh McEnany scored a huge and humiliating win over rival networks CNN and MSNBC when her hit show ‘Outnumbered’ beat both networks combined on Wednesday.

CNN’s show brought in 638,000 viewers while MSNBC’s offering delivered 685,000 viewers. Outnumbered beat them combined which is both a testament to Kayleigh’s talent and the lack of talent at the rival networks.

In the key 25-54 age demographic, ‘Outnumbered’ brought in 256,000 demo viewers. CNN brought in 111,000 and MSNBC scored 83,000 demo viewers during the same hour.

But it gets worse for CNN and MSNBC. Kayleigh’s daytime show beat every single show on CNN and MSNBC including the network’s primetime offerings.

Total viewers day: CNN: 523,000 Fox News: 1.87 million MSNBC: 978,000 25-54 Demo: CNN: 99,000 Fox News: 272,000

MSNBC: 107,000 Total viewers primetime: Total viewers: CNN: 590,000 Fox News: 2.83 million MSNBC: 1.51 million

25-54 Demo: CNN: 125,000 Fox News: 429,000 MSNBC: 161,000

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