Let’s go back to the 70s for a few minutes. We just miss these things

Times are changing and people’s ideas and ways of thinking are also changing along with it. Now in the 21st century, everything is in progress. Today this furniture can be considered trendy, tomorrow another type may appear. We seem to be constantly in a race. Life has become very dynamic and we have to move with the times.

When we remember or hear about the previous era or era, we always speak of the past because it is no longer fashionable. Let’s not go too far. In the 1990s, let’s remember the black and white TV, the radio, the design of houses and the appearance of furniture, clothes and communication, lifestyle. Without comparing, we all unconsciously felt the difference

for a moment, it was as if we went back in our mind and unwittingly saw in front of our eyes the things that many people are not even familiar with today. With the advent and development of the Internet, people began to experience rapid development. In the 1970s, people communicated with each other by letter or not always, because not everyone had a landline phone and they had no idea that one day the wireless phone would appear, which would have endless possibilities and change all of our lives. Changing everything was not easy for people because they were used to the given things. Over time, they adapted little by little and even thought how good the new discovery is.

In the 70s, the design of the apartment, the interior and the exterior, was different. Wall covering with wood, paper or other types of written papers was especially popular. The floor should also not be open but covered with some cloth instead of the carpet. The kitchen floor was covered with linoleum, which was cheap, easy to clean and comfortable. The furniture of the house was also plain without any luxury. Today, all around are luxurious and expensive things, but there is no smell in them that was there before. Luxury and abundance sometimes become secondary or unnecessary. As our ancestors used to say, nothing has the same taste and smell as before.

With time, we also feel that they were right. Nowadays, it is more important to race with each other, who will dress better, who will drive a better car or who will have a more luxurious apartment and such questions. Along with all this, we ignore simple human needs. and sincere contact, connection, visiting relatives. There is no love and warmth, which makes people indifferent and materialistic.

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