Man Creates Amazing Chainsaw Wood Carving of Native American Woman 

Many sculptors, including the legendary Michelangelo, have compared sculpting to releasing what is already present in the material. That is precisely what Vlad Carving seemed to do in this beautiful work of art.

As always, the creator’s work began with a rough outline on paper that he transferred to a barkless log. He then pinned his inspiration outline to the tree below where his carving would be.

It was time to gear up. With safety goggles, headphones and protective gloves secured, Vlad climbed onto the log and hacked off chunks of wood with a carving ax.

Wood carving on this scale is not for those looking for a relaxing activity. One thing that becomes clear after watching this video is that wood carving is as much a test of artistic ability as it is physical endurance.

With the preliminary chopping finished, he fired up his chainsaw and started carving. At first, he seemed to be carving off random pieces of wood, but as the drawing disappeared, the work started taking shape.

As sawdust and chips of wood gathered at the sculptor’s feet, the Native American woman, her horse and an eagle began to rise out of the wood. With the shape complete, it was time to go in for the finishing touches.

Once the staining was applied, the work seemed to be alive. This project is a process you won’t want to miss.

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