Mother and daughter preferred to live in the house they built in the mountains

There are moments in life when you want to stand out and live in a completely deserted area, where no one will recognize you, where you will be alone and cut off from the world. Such places are interesting and mysterious at the same time..

One there are areas that are man-made and the human hand has not reached this area in any way. How nice it is to get away from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city and live in a place where only nature is around you, trees and flowers, chirping of birds, sun and rain and gentle breeze. There are hardly any people who would not like to visit such places, let alone live in them

We present to your attention a mother and daughter who also dreamed of a life separated from the world and their native home. Mother, Megan, worked day and night, and daughter Sloan, who was 6 years old, felt the need to take care of us, but mother did not have the required time..

His new lodge was in a wooded area near Vermont. It is surrounded by mountains on one side, and forest on the other. Here, the mother did not have to work hard, because there were no taxes and other reasons to spend extra. And most importantly, the mother was always by the child’s side, playing with him and spending time with him.

The girl did not have to miss her mother. In addition, everything here was very natural and interesting, you could hear the gurgling of the river from the side,

and you could see the birds and bees coming down to rest in the distance.

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