Mother and Daughter Spend Over $86,000 on Matching Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Idol (Photos)

A mother and daughter have expressed excitement over the successful surgery that made them both look like like their idol, British model Katie Price.

A 38-year old mother, Georgina Clarke and her 20-year old daughter, Kayla Morris, addicted to surgical procedures have spent more than $86,000 to look like their idol, British model. Katie Price.

Both wanted bigger boobs, bums and lips and say splashing cash on transforming themselves into their icon brought them closer together.

Georgina, a mother-of-four, who claims to be ‘addicted’ to Botox, confirmed she was happy for her daughter to strip to fund the surgeries and was also supportive when she picked up a 50-something sugar daddy at 18.

Photos after their surgery

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