My poor mother left this world after naming my sister who became a citizen. My sister did not come, to the village for my mother’s last birthday or even her funeral

Mama never made a difference between her children. It would be a lie to say that we had great
opportunities, no, but we received education and started families.

Mama and papa always send us to that city. We used to come and go with two sisters. They said that
living in the village, we should not leave anything behind. During one of those walks, my sister, who

always aspired to the city, got to know a man, got married, and I had a boyfriend in the village, I married
him, and stayed in the village.

He didn’t even call or come from the city on my mother’s birthdays, because he forgot. But poor mama
knew that the girl is so busy that she doesn’t have time for it, that’s why I’m always by her side. That’s

how the poor mama left this world, giving my sister’s name. My sister didn’t even come to the funeral,
only to the funeral. he didn’t have time.

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