Navy Husband Reacts After Hearing the Secret His Wife Kept From Him While He Was Overseas

Navy husband reacts after hearing the secret his wife kept from him while he was overseas.

When navy sailor chris daughtry heard that he would be deploying for five months in 2016. He was devastated to be spending so much time away from his family which included his three young children and wife natasha.

He was used to doing his duty abroad but when he talked to his wife over the phone he could tell that she was hiding something from him. It wasn’t until chris returned home that he found out what his wife was neglecting to tell him for nearly half a year and when he found out he was left in shock and awe.

After nearly a decade together he couldn’t believe that his wife was even capable of keeping such a secret. U.S navy sailor chris daughtry was due to deploy in january 2016 and he was said to be away for five months this devastated his wife natasha who loved having him home for the holidays and their three children’s birthdays.

But having spent time in the navy herself she respected her husband’s tireless devotion to his country. The couple lived in temecula california which is a long ways away from south korea where daughtry was due to be for the next five months. Natasha knew that as a cryptologic technician her husband would be safe from harm’s way but she couldn’t help but worry while he was gone.

Not long after her husband departed natasha learned some surprising news that threatened to change her entire life. She then had a great decision to make should she tell her husband what she had just learned over text or email or should she keep her secret and only reveal it at the inevitable time her husband returns.

The couple had been together since natasha and chris met while working in the navy. Natasha was an I.T systems technician and chris was doing his job as a cryptologic technician when his future wife caught his eye natasha was the whole package. For the continuation watch the video.

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