NCIS David McCallum Celebrates 55th Anniversary with Wife Whom He Can Dance with ‘For Hours

Today David McCallum and his wife celebrate 55 years of wedded bliss, something to truly marvel at, especially in Hollywood. However, McCallum was married for ten years before he met Carpenter..

McCallum lost his first wife, Jill Ireland, to a costar. Charles Brosnan took a liking to Ireland and began a relationship that ended McCallum and Ireland’s marriage. Brosnan and Ireland remained together until Ireland’s death.

When asked how he felt about the situation, McCallum confirmed that he was not angry at Brosnan for stealing Ireland away from him and was happy they had found love in one another. He also managed to find his happily ever after.

McCallum and Carpenter met the same year that McCallum divorced Ireland. The pair took an immediate liking to one another and started dating soon after their first meeting. The couple tied the knot later on.

He shares photos of special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, but one shot, in particular, was loved by his fans.

In the photo, on the left-hand side, you can see a black and white image on one side of two young people in the street. You can see a photo of McCallum and his wife smiling at the camera on the right-hand side.

This photo was unique because the left-hand side of the image was a photo from the day that McCallum and Carpenter first met. It is an action shot of them running without looking at the camera. The right-hand side shows the same couple, in the same spot, only fifty years later.

McCallum and Carpenter met in 1965 while doing a photo shoot for “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Carpenter was 21 at the time, and McCallum was 11 years older than she, but they did not let that stop them from falling in love.

However, the couple continued their relationship without worrying about what people said. In 1967, two years after the couple met, McCallum’s divorce from Ireland became final, and McCallum popped the question to Carpenter.

Their wedding ceremony was held a few months later and was a quiet affair. They have remained under the radar for much of their marriage and are still madly in love, although McCallum hardly ever mentions his family to the public.

One of the philanthropic efforts that Carpenter helps McCallum with is the US Marine Corps. There are often photos of the couple at events hosted for the Marine Corps. They even won the Semper Fidelis Award.

Inside The Couple’s Wedding Anniversaries
McCallum is usually quiet about his family on social media, but he has posted many photos of Carpenter and himself with Carpenter. A heartwarming caption generally accompanies these posts.

McCallum is a grandfather to eight grandchildren of his children from Ireland and Carpenter. At the height of his career, there was not much time to spend with the family, but now that he is older and his job is quieter, he can spend time with his grandchildren.

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